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Over 20 years experience in Texas Sales and Use Tax including eight years as an employee of the Comptroller's Department has proven valuable to my clients. My last position was audit group supervisor, overseeing nine auditors. I understand Comptroller Department Audit procedures and application of the Sales Tax law.

Anecdotal Examples...

A contractor's tax liability was reduced by $30,000+ when the tax auditor agreed with my position that a resale certificate was accepted in "good faith".

Liquor store owner agreed to settlement for 1/3 of audit liability, when audit office manager agreed with me that the original audit did not support the larger original tax liability.

Alarm company received the wrong information from the Comptrollers Department. An audit resulted in a sizable liability. With my assistance, the audit was amended due to receiving wrong information.

Appliance repair store's audit resulted in a large tax liability. Reviewing the auditor's work and the company records resulted in an audit with a much smaller liability.

A carpet store owner's audit resulted in a liability due to their invoicing methodology being considered a lump sum contract. This means the sales tax was owed by the owner on all carpet installed as "use tax". Sales tax collected could not offset the tax owed because it was "error tax". Error tax must be refunded to the customer. Result, a negotiated settlement of about 3% of the audit liability.

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